Karma Bitch

by Breathe your Last

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To step aside is out of line reloaded power runs my mind taken always the wrong way, doing all the bad mistakes 
It just made me the strongest / man
 So many people stabbed my back I'm still alive and facing up 
 My brand new skin is / up to bleed Rather go blind, rather be dead! Being on my way will be your hell 
Nothing Said 03:04
Daddy always told me so Don't rush up what needs to grow Time is wise, then let it speak Hear the silence on your own Sitting in a white cold room Who´s the hell impressed by you? With the world under me thumb Why worry about the past Like a grown child playing cards Knowing me incredibly smart Cheat on yourself is all a lie in your slow-motion minds A bunch of words but nothing said All your bullshit sounds me weak you know your daddy was a prick And your mom has tried my bed I'm like a shepherd for you I would love to guide you through
I've been wrong so many times I am alone since I am right You know, me, myself and I That's why I wrote this mighty track Death needs to roll I'm with the one who's weak in faith All those who doubt about themselves A bunch of kids lost in that stretch Away from childhood & close to hell Death needs to roll I told you so Satan dear lord Death needs to roll To make you feel struggled by God This is why death needs to roll Come hear me up and spread my word I told you so, death needs to roll
A cloudy morning, back in the days A rambler beggar, really out of place HE TOLD ME “do you fit in this tale?” “Blink it away but keep your illness at bay” Can not blink it away At the dock of the bay “Life is like a war that ends hitting the hay” Messed up in my head but fixed in my way My thoughts dig up my brain, doesn't feel any pain I punched him to death! HE TOLD ME "are you ready for this?” “Blink it away but someone will have to pay” Can not blink it away As the old black man sang Got back in the streets I´m ready to kill Became one with my sins Your shame will light my path Can not blink it away Can not blink it away
Karma Bitch 03:32
You’re going to reap what you sow Fly with the crows has a price on this wasteland What goes around comes around You’ve made the bed that you’ll lie in forever Can he bleed? Greed corrupted my brain Drilled my bones and open old wounds He is here and is coming near Someone dropping by from hell? Killing us, one by one KARMA IS A BITCH Pray! Pray for forgiveness! It´s time to pay Karma says : "There´s no tomorrow" KARMA IS A BITCH
I´ve walked alone laying down my eyes just on myself And got to know that I just can trust on my doubts THE WALKING DEAD! A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ. I may be the one walking away, but you're the one that's leaving. Again. Do you know? I ain't nobody's bitch. I'm not the good guy. No more. THE WALKING DEAD! Good news is you're not dead yet That guy you fight lives in your brain And it´s dead ... IT´S DEAD !!!
As always in the morning I couldn't raise my head Unknown chicks all hangover Are laying in my bed An unexpected phone call Just fade me to green The color of the money So get me into the ring Let's play the hopeless rhythm All dressed up in black suits You know, is not like gambling the end justifies the means Drowned down in greed Dead! Finally, succeed (We must!) Fade to green Of course, we'll miss you brother Ain't going to be the same The things we lived together Will keep you in our brains Don’t have to wish any longer Fortune has come to stay And this shit loads of money Will help ourselves to smile We're back into a business Let's win 'till we get rich you may call it an illness I dare you, call me bitch Drowned down in greed Take ruthless aim at it We shall fade to green
I've scratched my brain, something is deep down in my head The younger is her, the less I can expect We've got a blast, going forward and back in time Back to the rust, with a new aim Can't get away, feel like I've been blessed in vain Forget my name, it has no weight Cold Hearted Strangers. synthetic perverts No room for reckless, mountains of madness and I must move on, am I heading to die on the road? The loneliness won't, leave me alone!!! Learn to move on, or die on the road Can't get away, blessed in vain This loneliness won't, leave me alone
I´ve got lumped with a curse Primitive disease can´t fill up this void no more ladies to please I know how it sounds But It's been long since I can't feel anymore I'm numb, I'm weak keep searching myself there´s no one where I used to be Chased by my shadow The roads become narrow Judgment day has come and those are my last words Ended up by myself On the bottom of the well debauched souls drained my veins And I have allowed them I felt the vibe of a growl Dragging me underground Burying me six feet under Chased by my shadow The roads become narrow Judgment day has come and those are my last words


Produced and Mixed by Javier Garcia


released March 22, 2019

Javier Garcia - Guitars and Vocals
Jan Hauschild - Bass
Kaden Fletcher - Drums


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BREATHE YOUR LAST Hamburg, Germany

Breathe Your Last are a power trio who decided to re oil the strings in a bid to give old school death metal a rebirth with a taste of Death and Roll.

The music is played with a relatively simple approach with unique sounding grooves and meticulous performance style.
The storm winds are coming!
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